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Top 5 Drum Mic Bundles 2020

Drum bundles are great that can save you lots of money as well as time, but if you want to have more custom settings or want more microphones for your extra toms and cymbals, you can check out the best budget microphones for recording drums.


Here are the top 5 drum microphone bundles for recording and live shows…

1. Samson DK707

Samson DK707 is very affordable, you can get the whole bundle with the price of one microphone. The supercardioid polar pattern of Q71 and Q72 are designed for off-axis noise rejection. All four Q72 for snare and toms have tension-mounted rim clamps for easier and quicker setup. Samson DK707 is very suitable for studios and live performances. If you want to record drums on a tight budget, Samson DK707 is the best choice.

  • 1 Q71 kick
  • 4 Q72 snare/toms
  • Matched pair C02 overhead
  • Dynamic (Q71, Q72), Small diaphragm condenser (C02)
  • Supercardioid (Q71, Q72), Cardioid (C02)
  • Max SPL: 147dB (Q71), 133dB (Q72), 134dB (C02)


2. Shure PGA Drumkit 7

With the price goes up, so do the quality. Shure is known for its quality microphones, now Shure offers you a great deal. PGA56 is tuned for the solid low frequency which is also great for bass amps. The versatile PGA57 not only sounds great on snare drums but also other high SPL and harmonically rich sound sources, like guitar amps. 3 PGA56 all come with rim clamps and are designed for capture toms. PGA81 is ideal for acoustic instruments, drum overheads and percussion.

  • 1 PGA56 kick
  • 1 PGA57 snare
  • 3 PGA56 toms
  • Matched pair PGA81 overhead
  • Dynamic (PGA52, PGA56, PGA57), Small diaphragm condenser (PGA81)
  • Cardioid
  • Max SPL: N/A (PGA52, PGA56, PGA57), 129.5dB (C02)


If you are recording on a 4 piece drum, you can choose Shure PGA Drumkit 6 which only has 2 tom microphones.

Shure PGA Drumkit 6

  • 1 PGA56 kick
  • 1 PGA57 snare
  • 2 PGA56 toms
  • Matched pair PGA81 overhead
  • Dynamic (PGA52, PGA56, PGA57), Small diaphragm condenser (PGA81)
  • Cardioid
  • Max SPL: N/A (PGA52, PGA56, PGA57), 129.5dB (C02)


3. Audix Fusion FP-7

Audix Fusion FP-7 can easily nail the drum recording and live performances. You will be amazed by its quality in this affordable price range. The hypercardioid polar pattern of F6, F5 and F2 can reject any background noise and cymbals bleed. Each microphone sounds well-balanced on their sources. Audix Fusion FP-7 also comes with 7 mic clips for each microphone.

  • 1 F6 kick
  • 1 F5 snare
  • 3 F2 toms
  • Matched pair F9 overhead
  • Dynamic (F6, F5, F2), Small diaphragm condenser (F9)
  • Hypercardioid (F6, F5, F2), Cardioid (F9)
  • Max SPL: 140dB (F6), 139dB (F2), 137dB (F5, F9)


4. Audix DP7

Another Audix bundle but this one is way more powerful. Each microphone is optimized for their applications. Believe it or not, if this isn’t a bundle, people will still buy those microphones separately. Audix i5 is the biggest competitor of the well-known snare microphone, Shure SM 57, some claims Audix i5 sounds even better than Shure SM 57. Audix D2, D4 and D6 feature the lightweight VLM diaphragm which lets them respond really quick to transient and they all have an amazing low-frequency performance. ABX51 has a smooth response from 40Hz to 20kHz which can handle a variety of live and studio applications.

  • 1 D6 kick
  • 1 i5 snare
  • 2 D2 rack toms
  • 1 D4 floor tom
  • Matched pair ADX51 overhead
  • Dynamic (i5, D2, D4, D6), Small diaphragm condenser (ADX51)
  • Cardioid (i5, D6, ADX51), Hypercardioid (D2, D4)
  • Max SPL: 140dB (i5), 144 dB (D2, D4, D6), 132 dB (ADX51)


5. Sennheiser e600

Just like Audix DP7, people will buy these microphones in the Sennheiser e600 bundle separately. The 4 e604 snare and toms microphones with amazing high Max SPL are very durable that can capture the hardest hit without distortion, they also feature lightweight diaphragm which has extended high frequency and rapid transient response. Sennheiser e600-II can capture the attack and the low-end energy of kick drum faithfully. The supercardioid polar pattern of the overhead can isolate other instruments on stage when doing a live show.

  • 1 e602-II kick
  • 4 e604 snare/toms
  • Matched pair e614 overhead
  • Dynamic (e602-II, e604), Small diaphragm condenser (e614)
  • Cardioid (e602-II, e604), Supercardioid (e614)
  • Max SPL: 160 dB (e602-II, e604), 139dB (e614)


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